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When a company was needed to lead the advance on the bridge which was defended by the British regulars, Captain Isaac Davis (from our West Acton village!) was heard to reply, "I haven't a man who is afraid to go." The Acton men led because, unlike other militias there, they were fully equipped with bayonets which allowed the Minutemen to advance on the British as they reloaded their guns. 

Learn more about Acton's History and the role Acton played on April 19th! Check out the  Acton Long Ago Exhibit at the Acton Memorial Library (486 Main Street Acton, MA - original wing - 2nd floor).


Photos on this page:  Ann Sussman
Art:  Courtesy of Acton Historical Society

The colonists advanced on the bridge; in the exchange of musket fire that followed, Captain Isaac Davis and Private James Hayward were killed and Abner Hosmer, also of Acton, was mortally wounded. Davis was the first officer to die in the American Revolutionary War. In Acton they refer to "the battle of Lexington, fought in Concord, by men of Acton."

Each year on Patriot's Day (the 3rd Monday in April), the Acton Minutemen[5] lead a march from Acton Center to the Old North Bridge in Concord. This route is known as 'The Isaac Davis Trail' and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Since 1957, Acton's Troop 1 [2] of the Boy Scouts of America have organized an annual march along the Isaac Davis line of march, and since 1976 the "Scouters of the Isaac Davis Trail" have organized the annual Isaac Davis Camporee [3].

For more information about West Acton and Acton's History... click here to go to the Acton Historical Society

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