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Things to do in West Acton!


- visit the West Acton Citizens Library (one of the oldest libraries in the country!)
- enjoy the Farmer's Market (seasonal, spring to fall)
- stroll down Windsor Ave to see the Victorian Homes
  en route to the Mount Hope Cemetery
- take a hike down one of our many lovely trails
- music at Twin Seafood
"Tot Time" at the Citizen's Library
- visit Danny's Place (Empowering Youth)
- learn about Acton's history
- get a massage at Moodz
- make/buy art at Periwinkle Glassworks
- take a tour of the Historic West Acton Fire Station
- Explore the new West Acton Villageworks Center!  
Theater III Community Theater
- eat and drink!
- Live here! Acton has lots of affordable housing. And West Acton Village, in particular, has one of the highest percentage of affordable condos/apartments per square mile, in the region. Contact us for hints on how to find the most affordable apartments!

Acton Groups with Calendar Listings:

- Town of Acton Official Meetings & Recreation Events
- Acton Garden Club
- Acton Women's Club
- Acton Memorial Library
- Acton Conservation Trust
- School Calender Listings
- Green Acton, for sustainable living
ActonForum Event Listings
- Acton Family Network
- Acton Boxborough PIP STEM
* Racial Justice for Black Lives Community Group
* Racial Justice Facebook Discussion Group

Seasonal Events:
- Patriots Day Camporee & Isaac Davis Trail March to Concorde
Patriots Day Revolutionary War Re-enactment (spring)
Crown Resistance Day (fall)
Jones Tavern Harvest BrewFest (fall)
Oktoberfest (fall)
Acton Boxborough United Way OctoberFest Em-Power 5k
- Fall Farm Happenings at Curcurbit Farm (South Acton)
Stand Up To Stigma Family Fundraiser for NAMI (fall)

Acton Historic Buildings, Tours, Group Sites

Iron Work Farm (Jones Tavern & Faulkner House)
- Isaac Davis Homestead (Acton Historical Society)
- Acton Minutemen

Educational Organizations
- Community Education
- Acton Chinese Language School
Acton-Boxborough PIP STEM

Trails and Trail Maps
Acton Land Stewards

Studios & Sports Businesses
Kenpo Karate
- Acton School of Ballet
Art:  Courtesy of
Acton Historical Society

- West Acton Baptist Church (music ministry, and more!)
- Brazilian Church [meets are the W. A. Baptist Church]
- AA meetings (for everyone... special groups for Vets, Women)
- Village Arts (studio for group or individual work, pottery and more!)
- Acton Forum (exchange ideas!  Get info!)
- Other Regional Theater Orgs

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